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I breed and raise chickens for the purpose of showing and preserving the breed(s). I do not run a (chicken mill) and do not breed chickens for the sole purpose of making money. From time to time i do sell birds that i do not plan on showing or breeding.



Show quality Silver Laced Rocks

Show quality Rose Comb Rhode island Reds

 Show quality Heritage Single Comb Rhode Island Red 

Show quality White bearded silkies

Show quality Blue/ Black /Splash bearded silkies 


Due to bio-security reasons and flock happiness:

Like many places these days, I have a video recording security system that records day and night to watch my birds and property.

 i  will accept one or two buying visitors on the farm if they have not handled or been around their own poultry before arriving. 

 Purchased birds can be handled after being removed from pens. Only bring clean cages for picking up birds.

No animal(s) may be brought to the farm for any reason.

I am not interested in sheltering any unwanted, abandoned poultry or other animals. Dumping animals is illegal and violators will be prosecuted along with damage costs.

Unannounced visits are not welcome.

 Warning! Chickens may attack without warning or being provoked. Electric fence charger may be on and will give a stiff jolt. I am not responsible for any injury or other accident on my farm. By entering my property, you agree to release me of all liability of personal and property damages.



All sales are final no refunds or returns




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